Move over skinny dog

Some customers are just funny. Funny peculiar I mean, not Funny ha-ha, though we have our fair share of those too.
One peculiar thing that these funny customers do is to go straight to a section where somebody else is already standing and do everything but peer between the first customer’s legs in order to see the books which the unfortunate man or woman was previously browsing peacefully.
Never mind that there are seven other rooms full of books in the shop for them to browse. Never mind that the first customer will probably move on in a couple of minutes, these odd little men(they’re usually male and usually short) just have to go and start breathing heavily behind the customer or even stick their head in front of them to see what lies beyond.
I suppose some of these characters do actually come in to see that specific section but I’m sure there are some who are just programmed to make a bee-line for the only other customer in the shop and make them feel uncomfortable until they move on.
It’s probably the same folk who, on the top deck of the bus when you are the only passenger, sit right behind you or even right beside you.